A Reminder


This has been my favorite holiday season I can remember, I think mostly because Jacob is so much fun right now and just old enough to get excited about things like being the one to turn on the Christmas tree every morning and watching the train my husband insisted we buy on black Friday to set up to go around the bottom of the tree. His recent birthday clued us into the fact too that he is more than capable of opening presents and being excited about their discovered contents.

My husband’s family coming to our house for a cookie making party over the weekend combined with some snow that stuck around until melting this morning put me in even more of the holiday spirit. I’m an introvert at heart who needs her time by herself to recharge, but I love me a good house full of people I enjoy for a weekend and with 6 adults and 4 kids rounding out our crew it was the perfect amount of full. Jacob was so excited for his older cousins to chase him around that he pushed me away several times, and I’m finally to the point in my motherhood experience where I’m much more laid back about things.

But then when everyone left on Sunday morning I had that oh shit we have two weeks until Christmas feeling sink in, so Jacob and I headed to the mall while my husband was working out to play a little game of how many stores can I make it to with the specific stash of snacks I took with me. The good news is that we made it almost two hours and it only took two pouches, two single serving bags of fruit snacks, one sucker, and buying a wooden car that was locally made and much of the proceeds went to a good cause. I snuck it away and hid it in the closet once we got home and he’ll be reunited with it on Christmas morning. 😉

I got a lot done but as I was hustling around the mall feeling like I was on borrowed time with a toddler in my company, a guy smiled and stepped off to the side so I could pass saying he saw me coming. We had a good laugh about feeling rushed to get everything done because a toddler in a stroller can only be entertained by sitting still and shopping for a short window or time and he gave me that smile and said I remember those days. I often get that comment if I’m on my own with Jacob and a kind stranger opens the door for me before I even have a chance to struggle with it, or if we’re out to dinner and he catches the attention of the people sitting at the table next to us. But the smile that goes along with that comment every single time tells me that yeah, they’re probably remembering the stress this stage brings with it but they’re probably missing it too, if only for just a minute. And it always without fail reminds me to slow the hell down, like physically stop rushing everywhere and through everything and just enjoy the ride! Sharing that today in case you need the reminder too. 🙂


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