Throw Back

tee / sweater (I went down a size for a better fit in the shoulders) / jeans / necklaceshoes


These pictures are throwing it back about a month, to the week when the last day of October rolled into the first week of November and my little man turned two. I remember it being pretty chilly when he was born, but the days surrounding the two birthdays he’s had since then have been unseasonably warm. It was hovering right around 80 degrees on this particular day, so we ran around Homestead Park and enjoyed what had to be the last leg of the wildflowers. So beautiful and we will definitely be back next year when they’re more in their prime.

This somehow feels like maybe ages ago, and maybe that’s because Thanksgiving is behind us and cooler weather finally arrived to stay so it’s easy to focus on decorating and preparing for Christmas, the grand-daddy of all family holidays for us and probably you too, right? But even though the seasons feel like they’ve shifted, this is still the same ole outfit I feel like I can’t get enough of: distressed jeans, comfy tee, cozy sweater, and my Converse (although they’ve been neglected lately in favor of these that I recently bought). And even though I may be forced to add a coat now that December is arrived, I’m still too stubborn to cover those ankles up from the cold. Ankle jeans + sneakers forever and ever please, or maybe at least until it snows… 😉



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