Fighting That Funk

I’m beginning to think that the library may be replacing Target as my happy place and I think both my husband and our account would be cool with that. Last week I was in a strange, restless kind of mood that has this typically chill person who puts off her entire to do list to just hang out and watch a good show or read a book feeling like she has to complete all the baby shower decorations projects she’s doing for a baby shower 6 days away right this very second and rearrange the entire upstairs of our house. Once the decoration projects were completed and two evenings had been spent trying to move furniture without waking up a sleeping toddler in the next room, I was (and still kind of am) talking myself down from another full on closet clean out and am trying to convince myself that’s a project better left for after the holidays.

Why the sudden need to do all the things right now? Not a clue. But I realized the thing that made me feel best last week was getting out of the office for awhile one day to hang with one of my favorite people ever, grabbing lunch and then hanging out in the library gift shop reading greeting cards so funny I was cry laughing. And we all need a good cry laugh every once in awhile, right? You know the kind, where you’re laughing so hard you c ant stop the tears from falling.

So while unfortunately work schedules can’t align enough for that time with a good friend in the middle of the day to happen with too much frequency, I decided to change up my scenery again the next day and headed to the library by myself. All I really did was read about 2 pages of the current book I have my nose in, eat my sandwich, and stare out the window at the park below while absolutely zero thoughts ran through my head and damn it felt good. From my experience, an added bonus to hanging out in the library in the downtown area of a sizable city is that you’re bound to have some good people watching. Recent experiences for me include a man muttering something about someone being a hard core criminal under his breath (maybe I should be more concerned about that one), a man practicing his chess skills by playing against himself and timing how fast he is, and seeing a man walk through the neighboring park on stilts. I love this place!

Any tricks you have to share for when you feel like your mood needs an adjustment? I’m all ears because my house can only be arranged a few more times… 🙂

P.S. Just in case you’re curious, Shop Sapling Press is the company whose cards and mugs I can’t stop laughing at, and Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic is the book my nose is currently buried in.


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