It’s been quiet over here for a bit (not in my house, just in my corner of the internet) because I was feeling some post election shock that left me feeling like I couldn’t bring myself to think about blogging for fun when there were much bigger picture things that deserved the mental energy. I pretty much summed up how I was feeling in an Instagram post here, but Anne really said it best in a post that left me nodding my head in agreement.

But I’m back! And wanting to talk about life lately here in our world, so here we go…

At home

The Christmas decorating bug got us good. I love Thanksgiving and in no way want to skip over the holiday this week, but the arrival of cold weather combined with the first snow flurry of the season over the weekend put me in the mood for pulling the Christmas tree out of the basement, buying a new wreath, and now I want to stock up on more decor. I even thought these winter themed $1 window clings pictured above were a great idea until I turned around and saw him eating one…

At work

After taking the week of Jacob’s birthday off I feel like I’ve been busting my tail for the past couple of weeks because we’re in a busy period at work so I’m looking forward to a long holiday weekend and then the countdown begins to winter break. I absolutely love that our university closes down for the week between Christmas and New Years but we get paid for it and it doesn’t count against our vacation time. Such a great benefit!

In style

I bought all 3 colors of these flats this fall and have loved them so much that I haven’t even wanted to wear boots yet, and aren’t we all usually ansty for that by like mid-September? After walking back from lunch on Monday in them left the top of my feet red from the cold, I finally gave in to tall boots for the first time this fall. Not super excited about it.

On my wishlist

We bought Jacob some Burt’s Bees pajamas (we bought these, these and these in midnight stipe) and the material is so soft that my husband made one comment about wanting a pair that it sent me on the hunt for them in adult sizes because when your husband agrees to matching family pajamas, you just don’t let that opportunity go! 😉 I’ve had my eye on the small stripe style of this pair but every time I look they’re out of stock in the sizes I need. I thought I got lucky yesterday and ordered them, only to have my order cancelled today because they weren’t in stock. The hunt continues!

On my bookshelf

I’ve had a pretty big library haul lately and have been reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert and I’ve started in on The Curated Closet by Anuschka Rees. After being on the waiting list for a little while I just got the notification that The Magnolia Story is ready for me to pick up. I can’t help it, I was a little intrigued! I have some work to do to get through that stack, but I’m always looking for others to add to the list. Have any must reads to share?


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