Jacob: 2 (!!) Years




How could I pick just one?!

This kid’s birthday was last week and I think it’ll be an eternal state to be in where I simultaneously feel like our time as parents has flown by but also that we’ve been this family of 3 forever. The days are long but the years are short has never felt truer, and we’re only 2 years in!

This kid though has very much made it worth it. The struggles involved in functioning like a human being while caring for a baby have just been replaced with the struggles involved in doing the same with a very active and strong willed toddler, and now I feel the tides are turning on us again. Actually being able to communicate with words with each other has been such a game changer and it’s like a light bulb finally turned on for me recently that if I actually talk him through something that’s happening and give him choices that the toddler antics as a response happen much less often. Parenting, forever something to learn and that something usually feels like it should’ve been painfully obvious long before you realized it!

Maybe we’re just riding the high of this most recent stretch of good sleep, but it seems like my husband and I say to each other multiple times a day: “damn he is a cute kid!”. And all parents think that of course, but I feel that I’d be really hard pressed to find anything cuter than this kid who will name colors for you, loves to jump, sometimes count to 5, can name animals and tell you what sound they make, and says good bye to his pumpkin on the front porch every day as you pull out of the driveway to head to daycare drop off.


One thought on “Jacob: 2 (!!) Years”

  1. Happy birthday to Jacob! I think we hit kind of the same sort of stride when Ollie turned 2, it was amazing when we could finally communicate and reason with him a bit! And now he’s almost 3, eek!


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