Finally feeling a little bit inspired and able to function after kicking bronchitis and the most annoying cough ever and being on day 3 of a week long vacation with nowhere to be but our own city! To celebrate I’m linking up for Currently with Anne and Catherine



That as much as I love hanging out with my kid, that alone time with my husband is really really fun too. It took us two years, but we finally had a night away by ourselves in Cleveland for a Cavs game. Finding a really great deal on hotwire sealed the overnight deal rather than drive back to my in-laws house that night, and man it was appreciated. A view like this from our room (and a 32nd floor rooftop bar with an outdoor patio) made it really easy to feel good about being away.


I was really hoping I’d be able to say a World Series title for the Cleveland Indians for my life long fan of a husband,Β but judging by the current score I’m going to say that’s not very likely – I’ll gladly be wrong though!Β So instead we’re watching Stranger Things and I wrapped presents and blew up balloons in preparation for Jacob’s birthday tomorrow. I can’t wait to see the look on his face when he walks downstairs in the morning.



To read again! A good magazine for leisure, and I just picked up Elizabeth Gilbert’s book Big Magic. I’m not very far into it so far but it’s been nice to do some reading after I put Jacob down for the night, while my husband watches about every sport televised right now – with football season in full swing, professional basketball just starting, and his beloved Cleveland Indians being in the World Series hes had plenty of options to keep us busy!



Buying cute new flats for the fall has held off the urge to wear boots as soon as October hit so if it’s during the work week it’s been skinny jeans (they recently approved a year round jeans policy at work!) with one of these pairs of shoes (I have all 3 colors) and probably a black tee and some kind of sweater. I’m working on a post to show you what I live in on the weekends, but think mostly distressed denim. Here’s an example of how the I merged the two, even if it was only done by force due to forgetting my sneakers for a weekend away.


Looking at the google search history on my phone kind of makes me laugh. Right now there’s lots of Cleveland related things from our little overnight getting away there last weekend, like our hotel location and lots of things food and drink related. Funny ones in there include one to convert something from military time, how the Munchkin 360 cup works (because I seriously got that thing out of the package and then couldn’t figure out how kids get the drink out of it, not my finest moment), ninja turtle names because my mom and I were trying to remember all of them, and lastly the trash pick up schedule. Why I can’t keep it straight is beyond me!


10 thoughts on “Currently”

  1. The city of Austin sends out a calendar every year. You’d better believe I have that posted on the fridge. Can’t forget that way! Also, your pointy-toed flats are super cute. I’ve owned a similar pair of heels for a couple of years, and they are definitely my most #adulting shoes.


  2. Yay, night away! So great. And we are way behind on life and sleep after all this World Series baseball too… but I’m lucky with the (extremely) happy husband after game 7 πŸ™‚ And the biggest event! Have so much fun with Jacob’s birthday!


    1. The night away did feel really good! And I’m glad at least one of us has a happy husband. πŸ˜‰ It was an exciting game 7 though! It was pretty cool to have two teams with such a championship draught and loyal fanbase make it to the World Series.

      And thank you! It was a good day spent with just the 3 of us so while he probably has no idea that it was his birthday yet, I’d say he had a good time. πŸ™‚


    1. That’s probably really accurate! Summer’s always feel so busy while we’ve had some really unseasonably warm weather that’s left us wanting to get outside more than usual this time of year, I’m definitely ready for cozier and more relaxing weekends. πŸ™‚


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