7 Things

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Linking up for 7 Quick Takes because…

1. When you’ve been sick for almost two weeks with what you thought was just a cold but really turned into bronchitis, then just throwing a few random thoughts out there feels like the best way to get back into blogging.

2. But it did earn me a day off work where I spent the entire afternoon curled up on the couch, doing nothing but watching the Amanda Knox documentary on Netflix, reading a magazine, painting my nails, and eating chocolate covered marshmallows from Trader Joe’s. So basically bronchitis = a vacation. Totally not worth it.

3. Jacob “decorated” the pumpkin pictured above with my mom a few weeks ago and now the kid loves pumpkins. He gets really excited now if he sees them and most days says “bye punkin!” to the one on our porch as we pull out of the driveway to head to daycare. Definitely in a cute season of toddler-hood right now!

4. File this under strange sightings, but yesterday on my drive home from work I saw a guy riding this thing down the road. I can’t say I knew that a moving elliptical was even a thing.

5. I mentioned that I did my nails, and I picked up the tip from Jolie’s IG stories a little while back to use Orly bonder base and then the Seche Vite top coat for nails that’ll last about a week. Bought it, did it, and the first round did last a full week. We’ll see how this round does, but so far I’m convinced that she’s onto something!

6. I wore the first blanket scarf of the season on a particularly chilly morning this week and for whatever reason I feel like that needs to be noted. Nevermind that it was too warm for it by noon and that the weekend’s forecast calls for 80 degrees.

7. Guys, I think I really want these in gray. I’d say I’ve officially converted to wearing comfortable shoes all the time (cute flats during the work week, cute sneakers on the weekend) and while I still love my black Converse it would nice to have another option.


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