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Linking up for 7 Quick Takes

1. Is fall really here? We’ve had some cooler temperatures and it felt so good! Jacob and I made a quick trip home last weekend and the forecast was warm at our house in Central Ohio so although I had a sweater it was more for the a/c in the car. We got up to Northwest Ohio and there was a pretty cool breeze. I hadn’t grabbed a sweatshirt for him, so I headed to Kmart (the only store really close to my parents’ house) for one. At least he could use another sweatshirt for the fall and he loved telling Grammy and Grandpa that it had a dinosaur on it.

2. Speaking of trips back home, the quick trip was to pick up our share of a hog that was done being processed. My brother and his friend raise them and each year we split one with family. Since that means we’re restocked on really good bacon we made this mac and cheese recipe, one that’s been a favorite and one we’ve busted out every once in awhile since making it for Thanksgiving two years ago.

3. The university I work for implemented a summer dress code for the first time this year that allowed us to wear jeans every day through Labor Day. We just found out last Friday that they decided to make it permanent so it looks like my outfits probably just got a whole lot more boring. 😉

4. I’m taking on a green smoothie challenge starting tomorrow with Simple Green Smoothies to drink one green smoothie a day for 30 days. I signed up for it previously, but never followed through. I’m trying to take it more seriously this time around and actually put in some effort on prep work this weekend so I’m hoping that helps me stick with it.

5. Yesterday I took a vacation day and my mom came down to hang with Jacob and I. We took him to COSI for the first time, which is our Center of Science and Industry. Pretty cool place for kids! It was clear within the first few minutes that the family membership I paid for will be well worth it. Two and a half hours that kid ran around and we didn’t even make it out of the space specifically made for the 1st grade and under crew.

6. We watched the film Billions in Change in a lunch and learn session at work this week, which is about the philanthropy work that 5 hour energy founder Manoj Bhargava is doing. The film reported he has a net worth of over $4 billion and the guy has pledged to give 99% of his wealth to philanthropic causes, through work focusing on inventions to help meet basic needs like energy and clean water. Pretty interesting stuff!

7. Anybody have any good care package ideas to send to a college freshman? I have cousins who are about 20 years old than me on one side of the family who always looked out for me while I was in school and now they each of their oldest kids are in their freshman year of college, both far away from home. So far we’ve sent brownies but I’d like to get a little more creative throughout the year.


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