A Day in the Life

Maybe because I’m nosy, but I always think those day in the life type of posts are kind of interesting so I did one! It was fun, although in the spirit of full disclosure – don’t you dare expect anything crazy or exciting to be included, just the average day of this full time working wife and momma. ๐Ÿ˜‰


6:15am / 7:03am

Up and moving a little bit slowly. Jacob woke up last night and I was so tired I just took him into one of our spare rooms and slept with him for a bit. Time for a cup of coffee while I prep his lunch/snacks and mine for the day. Labeling for daycare is one of my least favorite tasks! I’m out of the shower and hear Jacob making noise.

This is around his usual wake up time so I’m not surprised, and am happy to grab him out of the crib and start his day with breakfast together before feeling guilty about too many cartoons and a little bit of playing on his own while I finish getting ready. I manage to curl my hair and still be ready early. That never happens!


8:22am / 9:49am

Arrive at daycare to drop off Jacob and have to be at work by 9am on this particular day, with a 9am meeting starting off the day (I’m an Academic Advisor at a local university). We get free breakfast two days a week and this day is one of those, so we strategically scheduled our meeting to be able to grab something to eat/drink and meet there.

Meeting done! Coffee hasn’t sounded good lately so I passed on my usual second cup today and went for tea during my meeting instead. Stopping by the kitchen over in our building to add some more hot water to it before getting to work on some email.


10:35am / 11:24am

Trivia time! Our team lead had started this tradition and when she retired this summer she passed the torch and the daily trivia calendar she used on to me. We had been so busy the past 2 months that we hadn’t all been able to get together to play a few rounds since July – we missed it! It’s a nice little break and mood lifter, and it’s a fun thing to spend a few minutes on as a team.

My ideal schedule is to eat parts of my lunch at different parts of the late morning/early afternoon. Ever since I was pregnant I can’t stand the feeling of being really full. Going for an almond butter, honey, and banana sandwich now while I bounce back to answer a few more emails.


12:18pm / 4:05pm

I had $10 in super cash or whatever it’s called that expired the next day so I headed to Old navy on my actual lunch hour and they got me good! I went with my eye on a specific sweater and left with that, flats that match, a new gray vneck sweater that was on sale, and $6 gray tee because I’m not sure you can have too many at that price. Totally suckered myself in to spending more than I intended to, but at least they’re things I see myself wearing a lot this fall and winter.

Once I got back to work I had a 2 hour meeting with a student appointment right after. Time for a snack to get me through to the end of the day.


6:24pm /ย 7:05pm

I left work at 6 and tried to snap an outfit picture on the way home, but the lighting wasn’t right so I’m pretty sure they’re a wash. I took a little bit of a back way home and due to a road closure got a little bit turned around in a borderline sketchy area! So yeah, almost lost in my own city. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Our nightly routine is that my husband picks up Jacob from daycare and comes home and makes dinner, with me usually getting home as he’s cooking. After we eat the boys play a bit while I clean up from dinner and then it’s bath time for Jacob. My husband gets that going while I finish clean up, with me taking over not long after. As soon as Jacob sees my head pop through the bathroom door he looks at my husband and says “bye daddy!” and every night we think it’s hilarious. ๐Ÿ™‚


9:00pm /ย 10:09pm

When I was weaning Jacob from nursing to sleep I started the bad habit of laying down with him and watching a movie until he falls asleep and this process takes awhile. I keep thinking I’ll tackle it and make changes soon, but then something will throw us off our game and it’ll be right back to the survival mindset. Plus I love the snuggles! After heading upstairs around 8pm I finally have him asleep in his crib and it’s time for me to heat up my heating pad (perfect for achy shoulders) and turn on my current favorite show (Married at First Sight), and snack on a piece of no bake cheesecake my husband made (bless him).

Time for bed!ย This is later than I usually stay up because I just can’t hang anymore, but when my husband goes to bed early like he did tonight I’m like a teenager and just get caught up in whatever I’m doing and don’t go to bed on time. I put in my dry shampoo since my latest trick is to do it before bed so that I don’t look like I’m going gray by the morning and I head upstairs! Time to do it all over again tomorrow…



2 thoughts on “A Day in the Life”

  1. I love these kind of posts and getting a glimpse of someone’s life! I should really do one, I don’t think I ever have before. I have done a post on my morning routine, but I’d love to do one on an entire day. Great idea!


  2. I always love these day in the life posts, they’re so fascinating to me! I just think it’s so interesting to see how people’s little habits and routine are similar or different from mine. I love that your husband does the cooking and you do the clean up, and he starts Jacob’s bath and you finish. I do most of the cooking, but since Aaron usually beats me home (I pick up Jona from daycare) he’ll sometimes get it started. And we alternate bath night. I don’t know, it’s just so fun to see how other mamas do it all ๐Ÿ™‚


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