An Attitude Check

I’m in tune with myself enough that I can recognize when I’m in a funk, but that’s only half the battle with the other half being checking yourself and making changes to your attitude. I’m right in that sweet spot lately, I know I need to shake things up a bit but I can’t just bring myself to do it. A lunchtime walk to get out the office, an actual work out, or true time to myself or just a few of the things that I think will make a difference but yet here I am again, having great intentions and then just not following through.

So I’ll get there and make those changes I need, I’m sure of it but in the meantime it’s taken some willpower to stop my bad attitude from being projected onto those around me, specifically my poor husband since by default he’s usually the victim. Yesterday was a perfect example – Jacob was being particularly hyper and the weather hadn’t been great so we hadn’t gotten to do much outside like I try to do on the weekends. I was right in the middle of trying to get laundry folded and put away upstairs with Jacob playing nearby while my husband tackled some chores downstairs. Jacob would run from room to room then make moves for the stairs (we never installed a baby gate and now I feel like we’ve gone so long without it that we’d have a pretty frustrated toddler if we installed one) so I would drop the clothes I was folding, hold his hand to walk downstairs, but then he’d change his mind a few steps down and dash upstairs again. He did this on repeat and I was in no mood for it.

Right at that moment my husband walked up and suggested we go to our favorite bar/restaurant to watch his beloved Cleveland Browns since they weren’t televised locally on a station we have access to. Without thinking my immediate response was “yeah, that sounds like a blast at naptime” with the sarcasm obviously layered on thick. I followed that up with some bitchy venting through text with one of my closest friends – I’m not proud, but it helped – and then decided to relax, just go with it and we knew at worst he’d act like a tired toddler and we’d have to leave.

I’m happy to report that all turned out well and nobody lost their ever loving mind! The 3 of us had lunch together and made it through sometime in the second quarter of the football game, then Jacob and I headed out for a walk while my husband watched the rest of the game. The benefit to our location is that favorite bar/restaurant is in the outdoor mall in our city so we had plenty to distract us. We visited the toy train display they have, listened to some of a free concert going on, and discovered a wooden train track upstairs at Barnes & Noble that probably could’ve kept him occupied for hours.

He was interested long enough for me to get to go into H&M and of course I couldn’t find anything for myself at a time when I would’ve felt zero guilt buying something for me because you know, if daddy gets to hang out at a bar and watch football then mommy definitely deserves something new from H&M. 😉 But nothing! I did find the Star Wars pajamas he’s wearing in the picture above though (can’t find them online though) and although I care nothing about anything Star Wars related, I have such a weakness for buying clothes for Jacob that I know my husband will think are awesome that I just couldn’t help myself.

By the time we met back up we were all feeling good and enjoyed the chance to get out of the house for an afternoon. So let that be my lesson learned – never underestimate your toddler’s ability to be a champ (but be prepared for him not to be) and just relax every once in awhile, right?!



3 thoughts on “An Attitude Check”

  1. I can so relate to this post! I find myself getting into similar funks from time to time and I’m so guilty of taking it out on my husband. Right now he has class 2 nights a week so I have lots of mom time those nights, and it can be exhausting–then I find myself resenting him for it and have to realize that it’s not like he WANTS to be gone so much. I’m glad that the nap-time game watching went well and that you got to get away for a bit. Bummer you didn’t find anything for yourself though!


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