7 Things

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1. Donuts from the local Kroger bakery doesn’t scream blog worthy (and food photographer I am certainly not) like the goodies from a local or specialized bakery, but oh man are their caramel apple cake donuts delicious. I picked them up to share with co-workers this week and call me simple, but I think it’s definitely one of the best donuts I’ve ever had!

2. My interest lies more with developing my own personal style rather than concerning myself with fashion and upcoming trends (truthfully that’s always felt a bit intimidating to me – I’m much more mom style than street style), but several bloggers I follow on Snapchat went to New York Fashion Week and it was a little intriguing to see what it was like. Anybody else love Snapchat for that reason, getting to see places you’ve never been/stuff you’ve never gotten to do? I’m nosy!

3. I officially started Christmas shopping yesterday by purchasing our first gift for someone and started a list in my phone with ideas – who am I? I’m usually that person who can’t get it together until December and then I’m rushing around last minute and that just takes the fun out of it.

4. Some random Denver number just called me, putting Pandora on my phone on pause for a minute while I was listening to a little Kriss Kross and I didn’t answer, but my reaction in my head was all WHO ARE YOU AND WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME?! 😉

5. I want one or maybe all of these. Somewhere along the way I think I’ve really embraced being a boy mom.

6. I went to the fall preview party that Candis from The Jones Market hosted last Friday and you guys, mark your calendar for the fall line to launch next week on 9/22. So good! I behaved and just bought 3 things but could’ve easily bought 3x as much as I did. Since I discovered her business maybe a year and a half ago now I’ve added at least one item to my personal collection each season. Kiddo friendly, good looking jewelry that I can’t get enough of!

7. We’re just on the verge of fall so even though the temperatures don’t quite feel like it yet, knowing it’s right around the corner plus the weather forecast looking like a rainy weekend has me want to wanting to make some soup. A co-worker mentioned a vegetable orzo soup she made and now I’m wanting to give this recipe a try, just with adding italian sausage because I have a lot to use up in my freezer.

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