Holiday Weekend Shopping

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I’m really loving that we’re in the stage where my son has outgrown any hand me downs that were shared with us, and his birthday last fall and Christmas were both long ago enough that any gifts he’s outgrown by now too. They certainly were appreciated, but it’s been really fun to have to shop for him because as we’re getting ready to shift into fall (after a few more 90 degree days headed our way…ugh!) he pretty much had no clothes that will fit him.

We had done a good job of stocking up on 4 or 5 sweatshirts for about $5 each when Carter’s had their end of season sales as we were getting ready to roll into spring/summer, but new pajamas, pants, long sleeve tees, and shoes were needed then I couldn’t help but get a few new short sleeves too. Those will get plenty of wear while the temperature is still high, then layer up nicely as it gets cooler.

We took full advantage of the Labor Day sales this weekend. Because kids are messy and I have no desire to try to reign that in for the sake of keeping clothes stain free, I cringe to pay more than $5-$10 on any piece of clothing (except shoes) that we buy him. Old Navy was my go-to spot for an online order of shirts because they had a really good selection for about $4-$6 each. From plain, to prints, to baseball tees, to character tees because I think it’s fair for every little boy to own a TMNT tee and a batman tee, I stocked up on them all. Plus I threw a little something in the cart for myself to get myself over $50 to qualify for that free shipping. 😉

Carter’s was another spot Jacob and I went to check out on Saturday afternoon because it was time for another round of their $5 doorbusters. I’m realizing I didn’t include any pictures, but we stocked up on maybe 5 of the $5 sweatpants, betting them in almost every color. I had found jeans for him during a trip to the outlet mall back in July, but sweatpants and t-shirts are this kids’ uniform so we needed options. Some $5 long-sleeve tees with prints of things he knows the name of because I love when he tells me what’s on his shirts (dino, bear, and bike) and then I just couldn’t resist this bear tee for a few dollars more because he just recently learned what a bear is and Brown Bear is the current favorite book in our house, so how could I not?

We also made a trip to Buy Buy Baby to price out car seats since I’m in need of a new one soon for my car and used it as a chance to snatch up a few pairs of pajamas. Continuing with the bear theme, I couldn’t resist this pair even though they weren’t on sale. We also bought some Burt’s Bees pj’s for half off, for only $10 a pair. I couldn’t find them on Buy Buy Baby’s website, but found them here and here on Kohl’s website and because it’s Kohl’s that means they’re bound to go on serious sale at some point right? Softest jams our kid has owned, so I may even be convinced that they’re worth it at full price.

New shoes rounded out the weekend of shopping and I felt like such bad parents when we took him into Stride Rite and realized his sneakers were a whole size smaller than what he should be in now. Poor kid! We decided to take advantage of their buy one get one 40% off sale and get him two pairs of shoes for this fall. We bought the same style he outgrew (couldn’t find them in blue on Stride Rite’s site) and then the cutest little pair of Saucony’s too, and I may have already started the hunt online to see if I can snag a matching pair of Saucony’s for myself. I’m sure it’d induce a few eye rolls from my husband, but I may not be able to help myself!



One thought on “Holiday Weekend Shopping”

  1. Aww look at all this cute stuff! I got excited too when I ran out of gifted/hand me down stuff for Jona and HAD to go shop for him. I always love when he outgrows stuff too–shopping for him is so much fun. You got some adorable stuff, I love the shoes especially!


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