That Mom


On the chance that you’re ever invited over to my house to hang for a bit, let me go ahead and apologize for the state of it. I can almost guarantee that there will be some kind of combination of toys strewn across the living room, an entire downstairs to be swept, dishes in my kitchen sink, and a kitchen island full of clutter. I wish I could be one of those moms who has the time and energy to put in a 40 hour work week, keep a clean and orderly house, get a solid nights’ sleep, and take time for her own hobbies and interests too. They exist right, or am I just thinking wishfully?

I let go of the expectation that I could be that mom who managed it all pretty early on because I actually never was that great at managing it all before I even had the privilege of taking on the title of mom too. Instead I’ve decided to cut myself some slack and that it’s ok that I don’t do everything well. My role of mom and wife has of course stayed my top priorities, with my job usually coming in second. I love and believe in the work that I do, I just tend to get emotionally drained and overwhelmed by it from time to time.

Last week was one that was exceptionally difficult at work, but rather than let the stress get me down I decided that Jacob and I were going to pick something local that we had never done before and check it out on Saturday morning together, a time that’s typically spent just the two of us. This time around I decided on a local farmer’s market and it did not disappoint, despite what the look on Jacob’s face may try to tell you. 😉


It was the perfect distraction, truly it was. Weaving in and out of people, making one big loop to scope out the goods and decide what I wanted to pick up when we circled back around, I didn’t think once about work. It was a little bit crowded and the set up was a little bit tight in spots, so it felt a bit impossible to get pictures of some of the stands without feeling obnoxious. That and you know, making sure a certain almost 2 year old wasn’t acting up. But plenty of fruits and veggies to go around, and quite possibly the largest peaches I’ve ever seen. Pretzel bread for my carb loving husband, something I knew he’d like when he got home from a long workout on the bike.


FullSizeRender (61)

And flowers, because did you really go to a farmer’s market if you didn’t come home with flowers? Those purple beauties up top were selling for something as low as $2, but I opted to bring home the $5 bunch of orange and yellow flowers. There was a table of tiny succulents for sale too, priced at two for $5 and I had to literally talk myself down and into putting my wallet back into my purse because there was no need to go overboard (I already have 3 at home).



The whole outing took maybe an hour and a half, and it was just the distraction I needed to wipe out the constant to do list from repeating in my mind. The scenery was even enjoyable!



The farmer’s market we went to is in a really pretty part of our area, a city with that old, brick everything type of charm. As we were almost back to my car the bells at this church started in and it was just beautiful too!


One thought on “That Mom”

  1. I wish I were that mom too–my house is always a disaster, and it pretty much looks the same as it did when we moved in in October. There’s just not enough time!! But summer is the time to embrace activities like going to the farmer’s market–it looks like it was a great time!


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