My favorite time of the month! Linking up with Anne and Dana to talk about a little bit of what life’s been like lately…



This current toddler stage we find ourselves in 21 months into the parenting game. Communicating with him is so much easier and it feels like every couple of days he says something or knows something new that leaves my husband and I looking at each other and saying when and where the heck did he pick that up? So fun!


My kid related answer is Finding Nemo for what feels like a million times. My kid is obsessed! I have some mixed feelings about this and a little bit of mom guilt going on about how often we watch it, but I’m making myself feel better about that by focusing on how he can now identify fish, whales, sharks, crabs, birds (although he calls any kind of bird a quack quack!).

On a much more serious note, my husband and I have gotten hooked on the Missing Dial special on the National Geographic channel though.It’s the story of Biologist and explorer Roman Dial’s son going on a solo trip and disappearing in the jungle of Costa Rica and it follows the investigation that he brought in two men for (one a former DEA agent and another retired from the Air Force). The 6 episode special is sad – losing a child is truly tragic, but watching the investigation unfold was pretty interesting. The ending had me scratching my head a bit though.

a coffee shop in an airstream – how cute is that?!


I’m trying to be better about making sure weekends consist of getting out of the house to do something other than just run household errands. So far we’ve wandered around the grounds at Franklin Park Conservatory with friends (seriously, for an active toddler this was the perfect amount of open space to let him explore without feeling like I had redirect him every 5 seconds) and checked out the newly renovated main library. They don’t have to be grand adventures though – I’ve also done things like walk to a coffee shop I’ve been wanting to check out because the area is pretty and I knew we’d get to see the ducks (an animal Jacob’s recently become familiar with), or even grabbed the stroller so that after our trip to Trader Joe’s we could walk a few blocks to the outdoor fountain that kids run freely through and just let him run around, get soaked, and enjoy himself. So far I think it’s doing us both some good!

want / have / have (and they’re my fav!)


My shopping wishlist. My birthday was about a week and a half ago, on a Sunday and I took the Monday after off work. I told my husband that I wanted my birthday present to be that I spent the afternoon shopping by myself and he happily obliged. I wanted to go with a bit of focus and I’m so ready for fall that most things on my list were for the upcoming season. Distressed denim and cozy sweaters were at the top of my list, give me all of them please! I did find jeans, some new t-shirts, and a new purse for the fall so I’ll call it a win, but it was a little too early to find cozy sweaters so that search will continue at a little bit later date.


Last month I mentioned The Peach Truck and this month they came to Columbus and I went and bought some. You should’ve seen the look on my husbands’ face when I came home with a 25 pound box of peaches, haha! But I’m determined to not waste them so we’ve been eating lots of them and I froze a bunch of them, but my favorite way to use them may have been to make bellinis! I wish I could find the recipe I followed, but it really just consisted of throwing peaches, some sugar, and some lemon juice in my blender and then mixing that with Prosecco when I was ready for a drink. So good!



4 thoughts on “Currently”

  1. I haven’t heard of that National Geographic special, it sounds interesting, I’ll have to check that out! And an afternoon of shopping alone sounds amazing, I think I might ask for that for my birthday this year!


  2. Hendrik has never seen the entire Finding Nemo, but for some reason we were remembering the whale talk scene recently (my favorite part – always makes me giggle) so we showed him that clip from YouTube and now he loves it. We’ve watched several more clips and I kind of want to see the new movie with him now 🙂 And this sounds like the perfect birthday afternoon! Excellent jeans options.


  3. Ooh that peach drink sounds wonderful. We’ve been eating peaches like crazy around here too. Jona hasn’t seen (all of) Finding Nemo, but we did take him to Finding Dory for his first in-theater movie experience (note: we’re not quite ready yet… sitting still for that long proved impossible) so he recognizes Dory wherever he goes 🙂 That stage where they start to really communicate with you is so much fun. I feel like each stage brings it’s challenges, but it just gets better and better!


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